Dogs available for adoption



Sassi by name, sassy by nature at a fabulous 8 years of age! She has had a full blood work up and received clearance by the vet for healthy organs (liver, kidneys etc) and heart.

Sassi is confident, loyal and adventurous  little girl. Sassi is very human sociable, she enjoys human company and  will happily follow you around the house. Sassi’s former owner describes  Sassi as a, “very independent little girl, that loves cuddles.”

Sassi is active and spritely, she enjoys  running around the house and exploring the garden. Sassi is very food  motivated and clever. 

Sassi needs an Owner who is a part time worker,  works from home, is able to take her to work with them or retired, who has no other dogs. Sasi can be very dominant with other dogs.

Sassi comes from a home that has cats and her former owner reports that she has never taken any  notice of them so we expect she would be fine around cats. We would not  home Sassi with young children, due to her age. Sassi has not been  tested around kids.

Chihuahuas  can live to 20 years and beyond. Accordingly, Sassi is only  approximately half way through her lifespan and requires someone who is  committed to seeing the next however many years through with her, as  their best friend! 

Sassi is a pure smooth coat chihuahua and registered with DogsNZ (formerly NZKC) so she is papered. We can arrange for transfer of papers if desired.

Sassi has just had her dental and will be spayed. Following this, she will be ready for her forever home!

Adoption Fee: $400.00

"Polar Bear"


Polar Bear is a beautiful 10 year old Chihuahua male. He is neutered, microchipped, wormed, flead, and vaccinated.

His owner passed away at Christmas 2017, and he has been in foster  care with his breeder in Christchurch since then. The death of his owner  affected him significantly, and he became quite depressed. He is now  ready to find a loving forever home.

He lived a quiet life with a  retired person so needs to learn to be around other dogs more. He has  been around other Chihuahuas frequently and is great with them. He is  good with children, but has not lived with them. It would be good for  him to go to a home where he will get more exercise and interaction.  He's a bright button, but can be shy initially. The transition would be  at his pace. 

Polar Bear would suit an older person, with no small children, who is  home most (if not all) of the week, perhaps retired. Polar Bear is used  to being one on one with his owner and therefore would probably thrive  at a home without other dogs, or one older dog at most.

Polar Bear has a low grade heart murmur present - the Vet advises it is nothing to worry about at this stage

Polar Bear is a private dog listing. He is not in the care of the Trust and has not been behaviorally assessed by our carers.  

Polar Bear is about to have a dental and is having his orthopedic needs reassessed. He will be available for adoption once healed. Feel free to submit an application in the meantime.

Private Adoption Fee: $200.00

Process to Adopt a Dog:

If you are looking to add a rescue dog to your family, please fill out the below form and email NZCR at the email address provided, we will then make contact with you. Please do not contact the Rescue by email in the first instance. We will refer you back to the forms below. 

What information do you need to process my application?

We require the application to be completed (every question answered) and supporting information, such as pictures of your property and/or written consent from your landlord if you are renting, in order to consider any prospective adopter. Failure to supply the required information or incomplete forms may result in a delayed or rejected application. 


Does it cost to adopt a dog?

Yes. There is a  non-refundable adoption fee, payable in full prior to the day of adoption. The fee helps NZCR cover costs associated with: flying dogs from locations to foster carers, de-sexing, micro-chipping and registering on the Companion database, Council registration, disposables, bedding and crates and necessary medical care required by the dogs in the care of he trust (such as dental care or orthopedic surgery)

If you wish to adopt a dog (who has been approved by the trust to fly) the flight and airplane approved crate costs are at the Adopter's expense.

All fees are to be paid to our Westpac Account - New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue Trust 03-0823-0074502-000

Do you offer trials?

We do not offer "trials" for prospective Adopters. You need to ensure you are committed to adopting the dog prior to applying to the Trust. Of course, if the adoption does not work well for either the dog or adopter, the dog is always able to be returned into the care of the Trust. Once a dog has been with us, we owe an obligation to the dog for live to ensure that it is safe and cared for. This includes accepting the dog back into care should circumstances change for the Adopter or the placement does not work out.

How do I know what dogs are still available?

The dogs above are available for adoption,we update our website and social media pages to ensure that dogs that are adopted do not remain available. We advertise the dogs on our Facebook page, Facebook Group and TradeMe.

How do I change the Council registration into my name?

We  would expect that change of ownership should be completed within the  first month of adoption.
It is an essential term of the adoption that you should  arrange to do so.

If you live in Christchurch: Please go to  the below link at the Christchurch City Council website in order to  change the registration and ownership of the dog registered in the name  of the Trust into your own name. Where dogs have been  registered in other districts prior - please fill out this form also and  the Council should contact you if there are any issues.

If you are elsewhere in New Zealand: Please contact your Council immediately in order to change the ownership and registration of the dog into your name.

Will my dog come microchipped, de-sexed and/or vaccinated?

When we receive in dogs we provide all necessary medical care. Dogs must be de-sexed, we do not adopt out entire dogs without this condition. All dogs are microchipped with the primary contact being the Trust. This should not be changed or removed, this is an essential term of the dog's adoption. The Adopter is listed as the owner and secondary contact. You can check your dog is registered here:

* Please read the adoption form and adoption manual carefully for your obligations should you wish to adopt a dog from the trust.

Adoption Forms

Please fill out the below form and email NZCR at 

If you cannot print and sign the form - please send us an email with all of the information contained in it instead. 

The original signed form needs to be retained and forwarded to the Trust