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Dogs available for adoption

Recently Adopted

Sorry, the below dogs have been successfully rehomed:

  • Sassi Lassi - 20 May 2018
  • Polar Bear - 19 May 2018
  • Cinnamon - 11 April 2018

Process to Adopt a Dog:

If we do not have any dogs that suit your circumstances or are available in your location currently, please feel free to forward an application anyway. We retain all approved Applicants in a database and consult this database first when new dogs become available.

If you are looking to add a rescue dog to your family, please fill out the below form and email NZCR at the email address provided, we will then make contact with you. Please do not contact the Rescue by email in the first instance. We will refer you back to the forms below. Please read the adoption form and adoption manual carefully for your obligations should you wish to adopt a dog from the trust. Then see the FAQ on adoption for any queries you may have below, this FAQ answers questions relating to adoption fees, adoptions out of Canterbury and/or New Zealand, micro-chipping, registration and de-sexing and other relevant information.

Adoption Forms

Please fill out the below form and email NZCR at contact@NZchihuahuarescue.co.nz The forms are PDF but CANNOT be edited with a computer, the reason being, we require your signature on the document. The original signed form needs to be retained and forwarded to the Trust should you be successful. If you cannot print and sign the form - please send us an email with all of the information contained in the forms in an email instead. If successful, we will print a form for you to sign. Please DO NOT contact the Trust in the first instance, we will refer you back to the form.