Age: 10
Breed: Chihuahua  
De-Sexed: Pending
Vaccinated: Pending

Micro-chipped: Pending
Added to NZCAR database: Pending
DogsNZ (NZKC) Registered: No

Council Registered: Yes - Auckland

Cat Friendly: No
Child Friendly: Over 10 years only.
Human Sociable: Wary initially.
Dog Sociable: Yes 

Bambi has a sweet nature, although he can be standoffish and wary of strangers initially. Bambi loves cuddling with his foster carer and playing with other dogs of a similar size. Currently, his health does not slow him down. Bambi is energetic, cuddly!


Bambi has been assessed by the vet as having a Grade 3 heart murmur and will require ongoing medication. Bambi will also need to be micro-chipped, de-sexed and vaccinated. We will also be completing a dental for Bambi while he is in care. Bambi will be available to adopt once we have taken care of the above health concerns.

Adopter Requirements: 

An Adopter who is based in Auckland or the North Island area and able to travel to collect Bambi if selected. 

Bambi needs a cat-free home. 

Best in a home with at least one other Chihuahua or small breed dog for company. 

Property must have fully fenced yard with no gaps or holes.

Adopter must have had dogs prior and have rescue dog knowledge. Chihuahua breed knowledge would be an asset. 


Adoption Fee: $200.00 

If you are interested in applying to adopt Bambi, please go to the below link, scroll down and fill out the form.