Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption



What information do you need to process my application?  

We require the application to be completed (every question answered) and supporting information, such as pictures of your property and/or written consent from your landlord if you are renting, in order to consider any prospective adopter. Failure to supply the required information or incomplete forms may result in a delayed or rejected application.

Can I submit an application on behalf of someone that I know needs a companion?
No. We do not adopt dogs out as "surprises" or "gifts". The person applying to the Trust needs to be the person who wants to adopt the dog.

Do you fly dogs to adoption homes around New Zealand?
We do consider homes outside of Canterbury but we do not adopt outside of New Zealand. If the dog is approved to be flown, the flight and airplane approved crate costs are at the Adopter's expense. See below for more information on costs.

 Do you offer trials?

No. You need to ensure you are committed to adopting the dog prior to applying to the Trust. Of course, if the adoption does not work well for either the dog or adopter, the dog is to be returned into the care of the Trust. 

How do I know what dogs are still available?

We advertise the dogs available on our website, Facebook page, Facebook Group and TradeMe. We update our website and social media pages regularly.

Are the dogs cat or children safe?
See specific descriptions of the dog you are considering for personality traits.

Will my dog come de-sexed?
Yes. We de-sex dogs placed in the care of the Trust.

Do you adopt out any entire dogs for breeding or showing?
No. All dogs are de-sexed.

 Will my dog come micro-chipped?
Yes, the dog will be microchipped and registered on the Companion Animal Register. The Trust needs to remain as a contact person on the details of the database. We will change the microchip details once the dog is confirmed as adopted.

Do you consider full-time workers?
In short, yes. We consider all applications sent to us. Some dogs are more independent than others and therefore require less human company. We require the adoption form to assess overall suitability for any dog. Please be honest and as detailed as possible in terms of your working schedule.


Does it cost to adopt a dog from NZCR?

Yes. There is a  non-refundable adoption fee, payable in full prior to the day of adoption. All fees are to be paid to our Westpac Account - New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue Trust 03-0823-0074502-000   

What determines the adoption fee as I notice they aren't all the same price?
Our general adoption fee is $500.00. Older dogs or those who have ongoing health issues are assigned a lesser fee.

Why do you charge an adoption fee?

The adoption fee assists us with: transport costs for dogs being surrendered from all over NZ, de-sexing, micro-chipping and registering the dog on the Companion database, Council registration, disposables (such as bedding and crates) and necessary medical care required. We never "make" money from adoptions - the funds go towards the next dog in need that comes into our care.

Do you allow adopters to pay-off fees? 

No. Adopters need to consider their financial circumstances prior to applying. Any dog will require funds in terms of vaccinations, ongoing Council registration and veterinary care at some point in their lives, etc. We need to be sure that the Adopter can provide for the dog in any and all ways, including financially. 



What about Council registration?   

The dog needs to be changed into your name with your local Council, within the first month of adoption. It is an essential term of the adoption. We will inform the Council from our end once the dog is confirmed as adopted.

Do you offer ongoing support to Adopters?
Absolutely, yes! Trust dogs and their Adopters are part of the NZCR family. If you need anything please get in contact with us.

If you follow through with Adoption
, please join our closed Adopters and Foster Carers Group on Facebook here: