Age: 1 (2 in September 2018)
Breed: Chihuahua
De-Sexed: Yes
Micro-chipped: Yes
Council Registered: Yes
DogsNZ (NZKC) Registered: Yes

Cat Friendly: Unknown
Child Friendly: Unknown
Human Sociable: Shy
Dog Sociable: Wary of big breeds


Health: Frankie is in great health. 

Personality: Frankie is a beautiful soul. He is sweet and caring, loves to snuggle and have time with his human. Frankie is very active, playful and clever. He is eager to please and food motivated,

Frankie can be wary around dogs he does not know initially and like many Chihuahuas, doesn’t always enjoy meeting bigger dogs initially. He gets over it after a bit of time. This could hopefully be worked on in his new home. Frankie can also be slightly timid when first approached by strangers, we have been working with him to socialize but he does require further work. 

 Adopter Requirements: Frankie would be best with an Adopter who has perhaps 1 other Chihuahua to play with and decent sized yard to play around in. Frankie requires someone understanding of his quirks and willing to work with him, who is a part-time worker, works from home, able to take him to work with them, or retired. Rescue dog knowledge or dog knowledge would be an asset as he will require further human and dog socialization.

Frankie comes with: DogsNZ papers and vet book, toys, bedding, bed, crate, 

Adoption Fee: $500.00

If you are interested in applying to adopt Frankie, please go to the below link, scroll down and fill out the form.