How can you help New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue?

NZCR is operated by Volunteers and relies solely upon donations, fundraising, bequests and sponsorship in order to take in surrenders and provide the healthcare and other necessities that each dog requires. Thank you for inquiring as to how you can help our cause! 100% of the funds raised and/or deposited into our account go to the dogs that are in the care of the Trust. Each of the products donated is used by our foster carers for dogs in the care of the trust. We thank you immensely for the support! NZCR is a New Zealand Registered Charity. All donations made to NZCR are tax deductible. Please consult the Inland Revenue Department for information as to how to claim for your donation. 

The trust funds are used to: transport surrendered dogs around New Zealand to foster carers, Council registration and micro-chipping, vaccinating, de-sexing and other necessary veterinary care, together with purchasing any disposables required for the dog. 

Volunteer as a Foster Carer

We are always looking for stable foster homes. Without your help, we cannot take in Chihuahuas in need. If you are able to provide a stable home or have specialist training skills, please contact us! 

Direct Credit or Automatic Payments

Westpac Account - New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue Trust 03-0823-0074502-000

We are very thankful for all donations. All funds received are spent on the rehabilitation and re-homing of Chihuahuas throughout New Zealand 

Purchase from our Pet.Kiwi List

Please  see our new Pet.Kiwi "wishlist" for items you can donate to NZCR. Head  to the page and search for us under "rescue wishlist" to supply items we can use with our foster dogs.

If you are an overseas supporter, please consider leaving a small donation via our Paypal!

Visit our Trademe Store

Please see our TradeMe for a range of dog carriers, brand new apparel for your dog and other items.

All funds received are spent on the rehabilitation and re-homing of Chihuahuas throughout New Zealand  

Considering insuring your dog?

If you sign up your dog (under 12 years of age) with Pet-N-Sur and tell them we referred you, Pet-N-Sur will donate part of your policy premium to our rescue!


Unfortunately, as we do not have a center at present, all of our dogs are with foster carers. As a result, we cannot offer any regular work to volunteers at this time.

Thank you very much for thinking of us!

Will Bequests

If you wish to leave a gift or part of the residue of your estate to NZCR please include our details as: 

New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue Trust (Charity no. CC55119).  

If required, our Westpac Trust Account number is: 03-0823-0074502-000