Sassi's PetWeek Segment from TV3's the Project


Sassi by name, sassy by nature at a fabulous 9 years of age!

Age: 9
Breed: Chihuahua
De-Sexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes

Micro-chipped: Yes
Council Registered: Yes

Added to NZCAR database: Yes
DogsNZ (NZKC) Registered: Yes

Cat Friendly: No
Child Friendly: Over 10 years only.
Human Sociable: Yes
Dog Sociable: Limited - See below 


Sassi has just had her dental and a full blood work up. She has received clearance by the vet for healthy organs (liver, kidneys and heart). We are confident in confirming she has no health issues.


Sassi is a clever, confident, loyal and adventurous, Sassi is very active for her age! Sassi loves human company and will happily follow you around the house. Sassi is not your typical 9 year old dog. Sassi absolutely loves playing with toys, she loves to climb into the toy-box and hoard toys in her crate. We would describe Sassi as always being busy - she loves to skuttle about the house and garden and amuses herself quite a lot.  Sassi also has a very sweet side, in the evenings she loves to crawl onto your chest or lap and settle down for a nap. Sassi is licky and just adores spending time with you.

Adopter Requirements: 

Must live in the Canterbury region.

Cat-free home would be best.

Sassi needs an Owner who is home a lot (part time worker, works from home, or retired). 

Sassi would be best in a home where the owner has no other  dogs. One submissive male Chihuahua of a similar age to her, may be okay. Sassi is dominant with other dogs, particularly females. Sassi has a very "alpha" personality and loves to have human attention to herself. A home with no other lap dogs would be best.

A home with a fully fenced yard with no holes or gaps, as Sassi can be a little Houdini escape artist! 

Must have had dogs prior and have dog knowledge. Chihuahua breed knowledge would be an asset.

Chihuahuas can live to 20 years and beyond. Accordingly, Sassi is only approximately half way through her lifespan and requires someone who is committed to seeing the next however many years through with her, as their best friend!

Sassi comes with:

Her travel crate, bed and bedding, vet book, DogsNZ papers, Orijen Senior dog food and dog bowl, K9 dog harness and "Sassi" patch, some clothing and her extensive collection of toys.

Adoption Fee: $400.00 


If you are interested in applying to adopt Sassi, please go to the below link, scroll down and fill out the form.