NZCR wish to thank the following Supporters and Sponsors of our Charity:


Dr. Tracey Tonkin, BVSc (Hons) and Tram Road Animal Care
Amanda Fraser-Jones and Chained Dog Rescue and Re-homing
Keri Simms of Kasims Creative - Graphic designer of our Logo  

Jessica Freeman - Graphic designer of the Manuals
Elena Saltis Millar and Animal Physio Limited

A special thank you to our wonderful foster carers who put their time, effort and love into our dogs. We could not do this without you - thank you so much!

Companies who have donated items or services:

Pet.Kiwi, online animal supply store
PetStock Belfast in Christchurch
Animates Papanui in Christchurch
Free Range Pooches Dog Kennels
The Dominion Chihuahua Club
At the Vets, Vet Clinic, Christchurch
Avonside-Wainoni Vet Clinic, Christchurch
Pet Doctors Harewood Vet Clinic, Christchurch

We are currently in need of sponsors for:

A regular general dog items sponsor  (to assist us with any general use items such as crates, bedding, leashes or harnesses, toys etc.)

A regular pet food sponsor to supply our foster carers.  


NZCR is run by Volunteers and solely off donations, sponsorship assistance and fundraising efforts. We greatly appreciate the assistance of the above-named companies and individuals. If you wish to support our rescue or offer sponsorship please email us at: