NZCR wish to thank the following Supporters and Sponsors of our Charity:


Dr. Tracey Tonkin, BVSc (Hons) and Tram Road Animal Care
Amanda Fraser-Jones and Chained Dog Rescue and Re-homing
Keri Simms of Kasims Creative - Graphic designer of our Logo  

Jessica Freeman - Graphic designer of the Manuals

A special thank you to our wonderful foster carers who put their time, effort and love into our dogs. We could not do this without you - thank you so much!

Companies who have donated items or services:

Pet.Kiwi, online animal supply store
PetStock Belfast in Christchurch
Animates Papanui in Christchurch
Free Range Pooches Dog Kennels
Avonside-Wainoni Vet Clinic, Christchurch

Pet Move, who help fly our dogs via AirNZ
Pet Doctors Harewood Vet Clinic, Christchurch

A big thank you to our Main Sponsors

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