Surrendering A dog

Surrender Process:

We understand that there may be many reasons why you (or someone you know) can no longer care for their Chihuahua or Chihuahua cross. Please feel free to contact us via email to discuss a Chihuahua you wish to re-home. We will place the Chihuahua with a foster-carer who is able to evaluate the needs of that particular dog. We will then provide any necessary medical treatment and locate the best home possible.

Please see below for a surrender form, should you wish for private assistance in finding a suitable new home for your Chihuahua. Once your form is received, our Managing Trustee, will be in contact to discuss arrangements for the dog. If you are unsure about whether this is the right decision for you and the dog and wish to discuss a possible surrender, please fill out the form and forward to our email outlining the fact - we are happy to discuss matters further with you, but it is easier to get an overview of the dog and other circumstances prior to making contact.

We are happy to work with Breeders who are looking to re-home ex-breeding stock.

We happily accept dogs or puppies with special needs. 

There is no age limit on the Chihuahuas we accept!

We are not an enforcement agency, if you have any concerns about the welfare of a Chihuahua or other dog, please contact your local SPCA.

Surrender Forms

 Please fill out the below form and email to us at 

The forms are PDF but CANNOT be edited with a computer, the reason being, we require your signature on the document. 

The original signed form needs to be retained and forwarded to the Trust by post.

Private Re-Homing Service

Information for Former Owners - Do you want to rehome a dog in your area?

We may be able to assist you with re-homing your Chihuahua in your area. In this case, the Trust will advertise your dog and vet potential Applicants in your area. A $200.00 re-homing fee will be payable by the chosen Applicant to the Trust. This is because the Trust does not support advertising "free" dogs and there will be considerable time spent vetting applicants on your behalf. The re-homing fee will go towards assisting other dogs in the Trust's care.  We do not provide medical treatment unless dogs are surrendered to the Trust (see above process) It will be your responsibility to resolve any issues that should arise with the chosen re-homer. 

If you wish to have the trust assist you in re-homing a dog, please fill out the appropriate application below and forward it to us, via email. The Managing Trustee will then be in touch.

Information for Potential Applicants

Please note, when dogs are re-homed by the Trust, the Trust often has not met and/or assessed the dog and cannot be sure of it's suitability with children, small animals or other dogs. A $200.00 fee is applicable and to be paid into the trust account prior to hand over of the dog. We will note on the advertisement any health issues advised to us but we rely solely on information from the former owner. The Trust does not assist with any medical care in the cases of re-homing and we are not responsible for any issues which may arise, the former Owner is to remain as your point of contact.

If you are interested in applying for a dog which is available for re-homing in your area, please download the form, fill it out and forward a scanned copy to us, via email. The Managing Trustee will then be in touch.