Surrendering A dog

Surrender Process:

We understand that there may be many reasons why you (or someone you know) can no longer care for their Chihuahua or Chihuahua cross. Please feel free to contact us via email to confidentially discuss a Chihuahua you wish to re-home. We will place the Chihuahua with a foster-carer who is able to evaluate the needs of that particular dog. We will then provide any necessary medical treatment and locate the best home possible.

Please see below for a surrender form, should you wish for private assistance in finding a suitable new home for your Chihuahua. 

Once your form is received, our Managing Trustee, Casey, will be in contact to discuss arrangements for the dog.

We are happy to work with Breeders who are looking to re-home ex-breeding stock.

We happily accept dogs or puppies with special needs. 

There is no age limit on the Chihuahuas we accept!

Surrender Forms

Please fill out the below form and email NZCR at
If you cannot print and sign the form - please send us an email with all of the information contained in it instead.

 The original signed form needs to be retained and forwarded to the Trust.