Age: 11 years of age (DOB: 03/02/2008)

Breed: Chihuahua - Smooth Coat

De-Sexed: Yes 

Micro-chipped:  Yes

Registered with NZCAR: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

DogsNZ (NZKC): No. 

Council Registered: Yes.

Cat Friendly:  With support - lives with a foster cat.

Child Friendly: No - not suitable for children.

Human Sociable: Yes, with support as below.

Dog Sociable: Yes.


Cephar originally comes from a breeder in Invercargill and has been with his family for the past ten years. However, with the addition of children, his former owners feel he does not get the love and attention he deserves and they have decided to re-home him via the Trust. Cephar is ten years old but would make a great companion for an older Adopter or someone looking to bypass that puppy phase! Chihuahuas live between 15-20 years so Cephar could only be half way through his lifespan. Cephar has recently been kept outside, but is to be an inside dog from now on. 


Our foster carer advises that "Cephar has many good features. He is the perfect gentleman to walk, pretty good consistently with toilet and happy to be with you, but not always underfoot (independent)."

Cephar is very sweet and loving once he gets to know you. As is the case with most rescues, Cephar has trouble trusting new people initially and needs to warm to you, he will need a supportive and understanding Adopter. If you are patient and kind, he will soon learn to trust you. Cephar is crate and toilet trained and loves going on walks! His former owners advises that he is able to be walked off-leash in the park (once the Adopter forms a solid trust bond with him). 

As noted above, Cephar does not like children and can be nippy when cornered by them, he would be best off in a home without children under 12 years of age.


Cephar has been health checked and vaccinated up to date. 

He has been deemed fit, healthy and ready to be adopted. Cephar is in great health for his age.

Adopter Requirements:  

- Those who work part time, from home, or are retired, would be a great match as Cephar enjoys daytime company.

- Someone kind and understanding with patience who is able to support Cephar through his toilet-training routine and make sure it becomes second nature again. Someone who is understanding that he is a rescue dog and will require gentle support to be comfortable around with humans and shouldn't be overwhelmed.

- Fully fenced backyard, with no holes or gaps.

- Cephar likes dogs and would do well as a buddy to a similar energy (or aged) dogs.

Adoption Fee:  $350.00  Please note: sorry we do not accept payment plans, as we need to be sure adopters are able to financially support dogs prior to adoption. The deposit needs to be made to the trust account prior to the dog going on trial. 

Cephar comes with: Council tags, vet book, bed and bedding, an ACANA/Orijen  Adopter pack (which includes various goodies and the food  she has been fed on).

If  you are interested in applying to adopt Cephar once he becomes available please go to the  below  link, scroll down and fill out the form. We do not consider  queries via  Facebook or email without the form. See also the FAQ for more information and to answer any queries you may have. Full terms and conditions can be found under the "adoptions" page or FAQ.

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