Age: 6 (approximately - no birth date provided)
Breed: Chihuahua, long coat
De-Sexed: TBC
Vaccinated: TBC
Micro-chipped: Yes
Added to NZCAR database: Yes
Flea and wormed: 20/10/2018
Council Registered: Yes - Christchurch City Council
DogsNZ (NZKC) Registered: No
Cat Friendly: Yes
Child Friendly: Yes
Human Sociable: Yes
Dog Sociable: Yes


We are told that Chilli lived with her first owner for some time before she married and moved away. Unfortunately, Chilli could not go with her. Chilli was sent to live on a dairy farm and spent much of her time chained. A family friend decided to take her away and placed her online where we became aware of her. 


Chilli is a real sweet-heart, she is easy-going, friendly, affectionate and sociable. Chilli is comfortable around other dogs, big and small. She can be frightened by loud noises but is not generally timid. Chilli is house-trained and enjoys trips in the car. Chilli is a great, friendly little dog. Always busy, she likes to scuttle around the house and hop up on laps for cuddles. Chilli can be possessive when on your lap if other dogs approach - she prefers her own cuddle time. She will growl at other dogs to hop off but doesn't start fights. Aside from this she is fairly easy going and quiet, yet confident and happy.


Chilli will need to be de-sexed prior to becoming available for adoption. We tried to de-sex Chilli in December 2018. However she had an adverse reaction to the anesthetic and the procedure was aborted. We will try again in January 2019 with alternative drugs. If this cannot be completed, Chilli will be our first dog to be placed on "alternative contraception". There will be specialist conditions on Chilli's adoption if this is the case.

Initial check shows no patella issues present. Chilli does not currently need a dental but we would advise her owner book her in within a year to ensure her teeth remain healthy!

Chilli was flea and wormed on her arrival – 20/10/2018. Chilli will need to be vaccinated up to date following recovery from her de-sex (if able to proceed).

Adopter Requirements: 

*** Currently, Chilli has a family who have been meeting with her regularly and once spayed, Chili will be going on trial. As a result, we are no longer accepting applications for Chilli, at this time.

-  Owner who lives an active lifestyle and is able to regularly walk Chilli.

- Works from home, retired or part time. No full time workers.

- Willing to meet the ongoing requirements of alternative contraception (if this is the route taken - we will discuss this with prospective adopters)

Adoption Fee:  $500.00

Chilli comes with: Her Council tags, vet book, an ACANA/Orijen Adopter pack (which includes various goodies and the food she has been fed on).

If you are interested in applying to adopt Chilli, we are happy to accept early applications. Please go to the below link, scroll down and fill out the form. We do not consider queries via Facebook or email without the form.

Link to Adoption Forms