Age: 2 years  (DOB: 30/01/2017)

Breed: Chihuahua x Pug ("Chug")

De-Sexed: Yes

Micro-chipped: Yes

Council Registered: Christchurch City Council

Vaccinated: Yes  (14/02/2019)

DogsNZ (NZKC) Registered: No

Cat Friendly: He has been fine when introduced to some cats.

Child Friendly: Yes

Human Sociable: Yes

Dog Sociable: Yes


Unfortunately,  Cooper's former owner has a new job and can no longer provide the love, care and attention he requires so Cooper's owner has made the hard decision to re-home. Cooper has come from Napier to our base here in Christchurch and is currently with the Trustees.


Cooper is very  friendly with strangers, affectionate and energetic. Cooper likes to be a lap dog, he will happily come up to you for cuddles and give you a lick. Cooper is also  great with other dogs so far - choosing to either play with them if  they’re receptive, or ignore them. Cooper is described as a "loyal shadow" who loves to play with other  dogs and very agile.  Cooper previously lived with another small female dog (Griffon x Pug) and we think he is quite social and wouldn't be very happy as an only dog.  Cooper is fine in the car but does need to be fastened in one place as he likes to roam. He is quite happy to travel in the car and enjoys sniffing out the window. Cooper isn't a barker, he is quite well behaved for such a young dog. Could definitely do with someone to teach him the general obedience commands.

Cooper lived with a cat previously. We are advised he tried to play with it when introduced to it and this resulted in a scratch, the cat then made itself scarce. We introduced Cooper to a friend's cats on 27/02/19 and he was fine. Cooper was interested in them but not in an aggressive way. However, it is always difficult to say whether or not a dog is cat friendly. It largely depends on the cats they encounter. It is possible he could be homed with cats if introduced properly.

Cooper is only approx 2  years old and will need someone able to put some time into him and teach  him how to be a little gentleman. He will make a fantastic companion  for the right person. Cooper loves a walk but could do with some on the  lead training and perhaps basic obedience. But he appears to be a  fantastic listener, eager to please and learn. Cooper is toilet trained  but will attempt to mark inside on occasion. In  saying that, he’s very good at stopping and learning “no”, hopefully  being recently desexed will assist this behavior also. We are advised that Cooper is high energy, needs to be entertained or (like most dogs) he can become frustrated.

Cooper can be frightened by loud noises or people grabbing objects above him. It is clear that someone has been heavy handed with him in the past. He can become withdrawn and wary when this happens but quickly perks up with the mention of his name in a silly voice or a treat. Cooper just needs some time to build his trust in people. 


Cooper is in great general health and has been cleared by our vet. He does have one sharp floating rib on one side, we are advised this does not hurt him and will not cause further health issues in future. 

Pugs and Chihuahuas are both brachycephalic breeds. This term means "shortened head" and refers to dogs that have a short nose and flat face. Cooper is a mixture of both and his owner will need to be conscious of the fact. Cooper needs to be kept cool on sunny days as these kinds dogs can struggle to breathe in the heat or when exercising. For instance, Cooper would need to be watched if going for a run to ensure he is receiving adequate airflow. Being part pug, Cooper also has face fold/wrinkles which will need to be kept clean and dry so as to prevent infection. These are just typical characteristics of his two breeds. 

Cooper has been de-sexed in our care, received up to date vaccinations, been micro-chipped (and added to NZCAR databased), flea and wormed.

Adopter Requirements: 


- Someone  who is experienced and knowledgeable about dog behavior and able to teach Cooper some obedience basics. Someone who also has that time to put into training him.

- No full time workers as Cooper will need someone home for much of the day. Part time workers, those who work from home or could take him with them each day would be suitable. Cooper can be naughty if left alone for long periods.

- Cooper needs another young, small breed dog for company and to play with.He is very sociable. An older dog would not be suitable, Cooper would likely annoy them.

- Fenced in yard so he cannot roam.

- Cooper is to be homed in Canterbury at this stage. It is much less stress for our dogs to be homed within the area if possible. If we cannot find a home locally we may open up to North Island applications in due course. Sorry North Islanders but it is simply a fact that we are based in Christchurch and it makes sense for us to fly the dogs to our base if they require medical assistance. We have a wonderful Vet here who is able to discount her services in a way other vets around the country cannot (ie. she donates 100% of her time which results in prices we simply cant match elsewhere vet wise in NZ!) 

Adoption Fee:  $500.00

Cooper comes with:  His  Council tags, vet book, an  ACANA/Orijen  Adopter pack (which includes various goodies and the food  he has been  fed on).

If you are interested in applying to adopt Cooper, please go to the  below  link, scroll down and fill out the form. We do not consider  queries via  Facebook or email without the form.