Arrived in NZCR care: 30 August 2019

Age: 9 years old (born: 31 Jan 2010) 

Sex: Male

Breed: Chihuahua - Long Coat

De-Sexed: Yes  

Micro-chipped:  Yes  

Registered with NZCAR: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

DogsNZ (NZKC): No 

Council Registered: Yes - Christchurch City Council (2019/2020 membership).   

Cat Friendly: No - Strongly dislikes felines.

Child Friendly: Teenagers only - No families with young children.

Human Sociable: Depends on how he feels.

Dog Sociable: Yes


Gizmo's original owner fell ill and entered hospital care. Gizmo flew to Christchurch on 30 August 2019 and entered care with our vet clinic (details below). Gizmo came in with a flea infestation and severe flea dermatitis reaction. He was severely overweight.


Gizmo is a typical rescue dog who takes a bit of time to come out of his shell. However, his former owner describes him as "a generally happy dog" once he is settled. We would tend to agree, Gizmo is one of the most hilarious, unique and clever dogs we have had the pleasure to come across. He definitely has a particular charm about him!

Gizmo has a very quirky little personality. He is very playful (despite his age) and enjoys the company of other dogs, especially females. Gizmo is quite social - despite being fixed he is particularly fond of the ladies and quite the Lothario.  Gizmo is clever and very stubborn - he works off "Gizmo time" and is only just becoming used to rules and boundaries. He doesn't like them and will have a "tantrum" if pushed beyond his comfort zone. When Gizmo first came into care he would bark until you conceded to his wishes. However, we have spent considerable time and patience training this out of him. As a result, Gizmo will need a firm, loving owner.

Once he is comfortable, Gizmo enjoys being cuddled (on his terms) and having his belly rubbed,  he's very affectionate and enjoys being around those he trusts. Gizmo doesn't mind a bath and even enjoys being brushed! Initially though, any Adopter will have to take things at his pace. 

Gizmo does not like to be picked up by people he does not know or trust. Gizmo came to us with some skin damage around his neck and does not like being touched around this area. If pushed beyond his comfort zone, Gizmo becomes panicky and will nip out of fear. He needs a very slow and steady approach to grow trust and cannot be overwhelmed. Gizmo hates having flea treatments or anything placed on his back - something to watch out for! As stated previously though, in time, once he becomes comfortable he really lets his boundaries down and will make a very sweet, loving, companion.


Gizmo is de-sexed and micro-chipped. The Trust will have Gizmo vaccinated up to date and ensure he is NZCAR registered.Blood results confirm that aside from a few elevated liver levels, Gizmo is in fairly good health internally. He has a healthy heart and teeth are great.

We have placed Gizmo on a strict diet and hope this all assist his coat and overall condition. Gizmo requires continued weight loss - this is to be reassessed once he reaches 3kg. Gizmo arrived at a hefty 5.3kg (on 01/09/2019) and in dire need of a diet. As at 22/09/2019 he was 4.5kgs, then 4.1kgs on 1/10/2019.

Gizmo came into care with an advanced flea infestation and is completely hairless on his back end, tail and various parts of his body. On 31/08/2019 our vet conducted some skin scrapings and sent these to the lab to be analyzed. It was confirmed to be nothing more to than nasty case of flea dermatitis. Gizmo is now flea and itch free!

Gizmo does suffer bouts of IBD - it appears to be diet related. We have trialed Gizmo on ACANA small breed and Hills "Satiety" prescription diet which do not agree with him. At present, we have found Gizmo seems to thrive on raw food. He is fed on green tripe.

After receiving his vet history, we can see that back in 2016 Gizmo suffered a CCL (knee) injury which was not repaired. It does not appear to cause him any issues at present - continuing his weight loss will assist in ensuring this doesn't affect him in future. 

Gizmo may seem to be slightly hard of hearing - some of this we are sure is 'selective' as he never seems to miss the squeak of an opening fridge or packet rustling in the distance! 

Gizmo's skin is continuing to improve and his coat is re-growing slowly. Gizmo is being treated with MyBeau healthy skin and hair supplements, Dermaclean bathing solution for itchiness and DermoScent Essential 6 spot on treatments to hopefully moisturize his coat and skin.

Adopter Requirements:  


***Thank  you for your interest, Gizmo now has a new home and is unavailable. We have several other lovely dogs looking for their new homes, please see the "dogs in our care" page. ***