STATUS: Under Assessment

Arrived in NZCR care: 30 August 2019

Age: 8 years old (born: October 2010) 

Sex: Male

Breed: Chihuahua - Long Coat

De-Sexed: Yes  

Micro-chipped:  Yes  

Registered with NZCAR: TBC

Vaccinated: TBC - Booster required

DogsNZ (NZKC): No 

Council Registered: Yes - Christchurch City Council (2019/2020 membership).   

Cat Friendly:  TBC

Child Friendly: Teenagers only - No families with young children.

Human Sociable: Not particularly.

Dog Sociable: TBC


Gizmo is looking for a new home as his owner has fallen ill and entered hospital care and unfortunately cannot look after him any longer. We have limited information on Gizmo, his former owners' family thinks he is not cat, small animal or child-friendly. Gizmo flew to Christchurch on 30 August 2019 and entered care with our vet clinic (details below).


Gizmo is a typical rescue dog who takes a bit of time to come out of his shell. However, his former describes him as "a generally happy dog" once he is settled. Gizmo has a very quirky little personality. He is very playful (despite his age) he also enjoys the company of other dogs and is quite social and calm around new dogs. Gizmo also enjoys being cuddles, pet and held, he's very affectionate. Initially Gizmo does not like to be picked up, this is a trust thing and in time, once he becomes comfortable he really lets his boundaries down and will make a very sweet, loving, companion.


Gizmo is de-sexed and micro-chipped. The Trust will have Gizmo vaccinated up to date and ensure he is NZCAR registered.

Gizmo has arrived in a bit of a rough condition. Gizmo requires some extensive weight-loss. Gizmo is 5.3kg (as at 01/09/2019) and is in dire need of a diet. We have placed Gizmo on the Royal Canin Satiety diet and hope this all assist his coat and overall condition also.

Gizmo has come into care with an advanced flea infestation and is completely hairless on his back end, tail and various parts of his body. On 31/08/2019 our vet conducted some skin scrapings and sent these to the lab to be analyzed.

Blood results confirm that aside from a few elevated liver levels, Gizmo is in fairly good health internally. He has a healthy heart and teeth are great.

After receiving his vet history, we can see that back in 2016 Gizmo suffered a CCL (knee) injury which was not repaired. We will assess this further once his weight has been lost.

Gizmo is hard of hearing - we know he does hear some sounds but we are not yet sure the extent of his deafness.

Gizmo is on medical hold at present and will require a bit of time and some TLC in order to address his current condition. We hope it is largely superficial but will place updates here and on our social media once available. See above pictures.

Adopter Requirements:  

- Gizmo is only available for adoption in the Canterbury area.

- Gizmo is not child-friendly and is NOT to be homed with small children. Please do not apply if you have young children, or  young grandchildren (regularly) in the home.

- Gizmo is only to be re-homed to someone with rescue experience and sound dog knowledge. He is a diamond in the rough and requires someone who will commit to him.

- Fully fenced yard with no holes or gaps.

- To be homed within the Canterbury area only.

Other requirements to be confirmed in time - once we know Gizmo.

Adoption Fee: 

$200.00.  Fee determined by taking into account age, health and funds expended to  date. Please note: sorry we do not accept payment plans, as we need to  be sure adopters are able to financially support dogs prior to adoption.  The deposit needs to be made to the trust account prior to the dog  going on trial. 100% of all adoption fees go towards the dogs in the  care of the Trust.

If you are interested in applying to adopt Gizmo once he becomes available -  please go to the below link, scroll down and fill out the form. We do  not consider queries via  Facebook or email without the form. See also  the FAQ for more information and to answer any queries you may have.  Full terms and conditions can be found under the "adoptions" page or FAQ.

Link to Adoption Forms