Age: 9 years approx.
Breed: Chihuahua x Pomeranian x Unknown
De-Sexed: TBC.
Micro-chipped:  TBC.
Registered with NZCAR: TBC.
Vaccinated: TBC.
DogsNZ (NZKC): No.
Council Registered: Yes - Christchurch City Council (2019/2020 membership).
Cat Friendly:  Yes.
Child Friendly: No - not suitable for children.
Human Sociable: Yes, with support as below.
Dog Sociable: Yes, small dogs.

Hercules came from a Breeder up North and spent 9 years with his former owner before she had to enter care. Hercules was taken in and cared for by a kind family member initially. However, it soon became clear he did not enjoy their larger breed dog (Staffy x) or the children in the household. The family reached out to us and would love Hercules to become an adored and loyal companion to someone who needs one!

Hercules also has a sweet cuddly side once he gets to know you. He has a funny quirky personality, doing "zoomies" in the morning or whilst you prepare dinner to show his excitement! As is the case with most rescues, Hercules has trouble trusting new people initially and needs to warm to you. He will need a supportive and understanding Adopter. If you are patient and kind, he will soon learn to trust you and become comfortable around you. 

Hercules enjoys pats, kisses and being around his Owner. Being older he is generally quite laid back, preferring to find a nice sunny spot to lie down in and/or drives and walks outside. Hercules is toilet-trained, good on his lead and is great in the car. He is a very clever and inquisitive little dog and will let you know if someone comes to the door.

Hercules is quite playful with other dogs. He seems to prefer medium breeds and plays happily with our Dachshund (foster brother) and some of the Chihuahuas. He does not like dogs that are too young and in his face and will soon teach them so. Overall, he is social and would probably benefit from having an older dude friend in the house also. Particularly if the Adopter is out of the house for extended periods of time.

Hercules can be nippy if caught off guard and does not like children (due to a past of having them taunt him). Hercules also seems to be a bit more wary of men than women (he came from a female owner originally), but we are working on this in foster care.

Hercules had his check up and bloods taken on 29 May 2019 which confirm he is healthy enough to undergo surgery. Hercules also had a urine analysis to confirm he has no kidney issues.

We are advised that a couple of years ago, Hercules had an accident whereby he was chasing a car and his tail got caught under a trailer. His former owners advise he lost feeling/the ability to move the tail as it hangs limp. However, it also does not appear to cause him any discomfort. After inspection from our Vet, it appears to have no feeling in it whatsoever. 

Hercules has a physical deformity known as a "parrot mouth". This is where the lower jaw is shorter and does not meet the top jaw in the correct place. His mouth does close and he eats fine. It doesn't affect his day-to-day living at all, simply just a unique quirk of Hercules.

Hercules is a bigger small breed dog, around 4.1kgs. He needs to have some weight put on him, however and ideally should be around 4.5kg.

Shortly, Hercules will undergo a dental to remove rotten teeth, his de-sex and some x-rays of his pelvis and heart under sedation with the Trust. Hercules will also be micro-chipped and added to the NZCAR database. He has already been flea and worm treated on 28/05/2019. Hercules has been vaccinated up to date.

Hercules has been x-rayed and has a heart murmur and has been placed on Vetmedin and Fortekor. Hercules needs to be on these meds long term. Vetmedin can be purchased for around $80.00 for 50 days, or $1.60 per day. Hercules is also on Fortekor at a cost of $00.92c per day. Our Trust Vet, Dr. Tonkin is happy to keep Hercules as her client and monitor his heart condition. We recommend at least 6-monthly check ups. Dr Tonkin is able to organize these meds via Tram Road Animal Care Services (they require a veterinarian to sign a prescription).

Adopter Requirements: 
- Hercules would probably be fine for someone who works part time or a bit longer hours as he is quite independent. Provided they still have plenty of time to spend with him of course. We would also suggest that his Adopter take a good couple of weeks off however, to settle him in initially and bond with him, before building him up to the routine of being away say 6 hours per day.

- Someone kind and understanding with patience who is able to support Hercules through his transition to a new family/Adopter. Someone who is understanding that he is a rescue dog and will require gentle support to be comfortable around with humans and shouldn't be overwhelmed.

- Fully fenced backyard, with no holes or gaps.

- Someone with Rescue dog knowledge would be an asset. You need to be patient and take care not to overwhelm him.

Adoption Fee: $200. Fee determined by taking into account to his age, ongoing medication costs, health and funds expended to have him Council registered for 2019/2020, micro-chipped, NZCAR registered, vaccinated, flea and wormed, de-sexed and having had a recent dental and x-rays. 

Hercules comes with: Council tags, vet book, bed and bedding, an ACANA/Orijen  Adopter pack (which includes various goodies and the food  she has been fed on).

If  you are interested in applying to adopt Hercules once he becomes available please go to the  below  link, scroll down and fill out the form. We do not consider  queries via  Facebook or email without the form. See also the FAQ for more information and to answer any queries you may have. Full terms and conditions can be found under the "adoptions" page or FAQ.

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