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Donate to Our Rescue

Click above for options on how you can donate to our cause - to our trust account directly or via credit or debit card using our PayPal and GiveALittle accounts. All funds received  are spent on dogs in the care of the Trust. 

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Click  above to be taken to our TradeMe store to browse the items we are selling with proceeds going to dogs in our care! 


Take Up Our Pet Plan Offer!

Click the image above for information on a how you can help us by insuring your own pet!


Purchase NZCR Merchandise

Click here to head to our "TradeMe store" with our NZCR Merch - show your support for our Rescue with doggy-clothes, bumper stickers, tote bags and more!


Purchase Distripet for your dogs!

 Whenever you buy products from the “Chihuahua Rescue” category and use the coupon code “CHICHI” you will not only find some amazing dead on end-of-line products but also receive a 5% discount. Our Rescue also receives 15% of the overall sale amount, to be used on dogs in the care of the Trust! 


See our Pet.Kiwi Wishlist!

  Please see our new Pet.Kiwi "wish list" for items you can purchase to donate to NZCR. Pet.Kiwi will send them directly to us for the use of dogs in our care! Simply click the image above to visit


Have an Idea How to Help?

Feel free to email us with any fund-raising ideas, ways you can help or sponsorship queries at:

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Foster for NZCR

Click the image for information on how to apply to become a foster carer for NZCR. We are always looking for stable, reliable foster carers. Particularly those based here in Christchurch!


Will Bequests

If you wish to leave a gift to NZCR in your Will, please include our details as:  New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue Trust (Charity no. CC55119)