Age: 10 years 

Breed: Chihuahua – Long Coat

De-Sexed: Yes 

Micro-chipped: Yes

Council Registered: Yes – Christchurch City Council

Vaccinated: Yes  

DogsNZ (NZKC) Registered: Yes

Cat Friendly: Yes

Child Friendly: Does not like young children

Human Sociable: Yes

Dog Sociable: Yes


Unfortunately, Khan's former owner has come to the decision to re-home him as they have younger dogs and Khan is looking for that quiet life! Khan is a pedigree, papered dog. He is the direct grandson of our beloved foundation dog, Pippin!


Khan is a laid back, generally friendly and affectionate little gentleman. Khan loves to sit on his owners' lap and have pats and loyally follows them around the house. Being older, he is a calm little dog who spends much of his time pottering and sleeping. He would make a wonderful companion dog for someone looking for company.

Khan doesn't like visitors coming to his house and can be possessive of his person. Khan will need someone who is aware of this, who is knowledgeable on dog behavior and able to prevent him from getting into this habit. It is a common Chihuahua trait but needs to be managed to ensure it doesn't become an issue. We will be working with a trainer to gather some times and ensure the new Adopter knows effective techniques to manage this.

Khan is accepting of other dogs generally in his vicinity. However, given that he is 10 years old, he is not interested in playful puppies and can be growly if dogs are not respecting his boundaries. Khan would be fine as an only dog, or perhaps companion to another breed or Chihuahua (as long as they were similar age wise). 


Khan is de-sexed, vaccinated, registered with the Christchurch City Council, micro-chipped (and added to the NZCAR database) and has had a recent dental.

Khan has a low-grade heart murmur but is in excellent health. He has been very well loved and cared for.

Adopter Requirements: 

- An adopter located in/around Canterbury.  It is much less stress for our dogs to be homed within the area if possible. If we cannot find a home locally we may open up to North Island applications in due course. Sorry North Islanders but it is simply a fact that we are based in Christchurch and it makes sense for us to fly the dogs to our base if they require medical assistance. We have a wonderful Vet here who is able to discount her services in a way other vets around the country cannot (ie. she donates 100% of her time which results in prices we simply cant match elsewhere vet wise in NZ!)  

- No full time workers. Khan needs someone who is retired, working from home, able to take him to work with them consistently or extremely part-time. Khan would love someone who was able to spend the majority of time with him.

- Someone with older dogs would be fine. Please do not apply if you have puppies or young, energetic dogs. Please do not apply if you have young children.

- Someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about dog behavior and able to prevent Khan from getting into his possessive habits. You need to be aware of the signs and how to best address these, full support can be provided by NZCR, including an appointment with a dog trainer to discuss this with you.

- Willing to take on the Pet N Sur policy and weekly payments (approx. $12.30).

Adoption Fee:  $400.00

Khan comes with: His  Council tags and "Khan" K9 tags and harness, bowls, vet book, an ACANA/Orijen  Adopter pack (which includes various goodies and the food he has been  fed on).

If you are interested in applying to adopt Khan, please go to the  below link, scroll down and fill out the form. We do not consider  queries via Facebook or email without the form.

Link to Adoptions Page