Age: 5-6 years.

Breed: Chihuahua x Pomeranian

De-Sexed: TBC by Trust.

Micro-chipped: Yes.

Registered with NZCAR: Yes.

Vaccinated: Yes.

DogsNZ (NZKC): No.  

Council Registered: Yes - Christchurch City Council (2019/2020 membership).  

Cat Friendly:  Scared of cats, could be trained to be with one.

Child Friendly: Yes. 

Human Sociable: Yes. 

Dog Sociable: Yes - Chihuahuas and other breeds.   

Lilly comes from a now deceased puppy farmer and has had limited exposure to life outside of that property. Kept as a breeding bitch with little veterinary care, Lilly came to us in a bit of a state, but personality wise - she is simply gorgeous, happy go lucky and ready for the next phase of her life.

Lilly is a happy go lucky, affectionate, playful and sweet little dog. She is not easily stressed or upset and seems to take everything in her stride. Lilly is great with other dogs - she is slightly submissive and is not phased by big or little breeds. We introduced her to one adult cat and she was a little afraid but we think she could be OK with a cat if introduced correctly. Lilly just loves human interaction - she is happy to be in your lap cuddling or napping on the bed. Lilly is headstrong and would benefit from some obedience and training.

Due to her background, Lilly is not used to being a house pet in the sense that she needs someone to ensure her toileting behaviors continue to improve. You will need to be willing to continue to reinforce her toilet training. Lilly has become crate trained while in foster care - we advise the Adopter should have a crate present in the house and continue this.

Not much phases Lilly - she is a bright, happy little dog despite her unfortunate past. Whomever adopts Lilly will be very lucky and gain a lifelong companion!


Lilly received a  dental on 22 May 2019.

The de-sex will follow this, as she came into heat shortly after entering care and we must wait a safe amount of time before de-sexing. Lilly will be de-sexed before leaving our care - this is non-negotiable.

Lilly was vaccinated up to date on 8 May 2019.

Lilly does suffer from Grade 2-3 luxating patellas on both sides. We have been advised, they are not bad enough to operate on at present, her Adopter will need to keep an eye on these as they may require surgery in future. They do not seem to cause any pain at the moment.

Lilly has had litters prior, we aren't sure as to how many.

Adopter Requirements:  

 - A part time worker, works from home, or is retired would be preferred as Lilly thrives with Company.

- MUST have a Fully fenced backyard, with no holes or gaps. Lilly would be likely to wander if not fenced in.

 - Lilly likes dogs and would do well as a buddy to a similar energy dog.

- Lilly could be homed out of town if a local adopter cannot be found. In this case, our "out of town" adoptions policy applies. Please see below link to the "adoptions" tab which confirms this policy. 

- An adopter experienced in little breeds who is able to continue teaching Lilly obedience and toilet-training.

Further requirements may be added in time. 

Adoption Fee: $500.00  Fee determined by taking into account age, health and funds expended to date.

Please note: sorry we do not accept payment plans, as we need to be sure adopters are able to financially support dogs prior to adoption. The deposit needs to be made to the trust account prior to the dog going on trial.