Age: 4, almost 5 (DOB: 19/02/2014)
Breed: Chihuahua x Papillon x Pomeranian 

De-Sexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Micro-chipped: Yes
Added to NZCAR database: Yes 

Council Registered: Yes - Christchurch City Council
DogsNZ (NZKC) Registered: No
Cat Friendly: No.
Child Friendly: Dog savvy children, 5 years and older.

Human Sociable: Yes, very human orientated.
Dog Sociable: Prefers to be only dog in the home.


Pollie is described by her former owner as being very loving, affectionate and loyal. Pollie absolutely loves human attention and would love to be the only dog in a household. Pollie is clever and easy to teach as she is food orientated. Pollie's former owner says she learns new things (and tricks) very quickly. Pollie has participated in Agility prior and knows several commands, such as "lie down", "shake hands", "sit" etc. Pollie is toilet and crate trained, she is used to sleeping in her crate at night but would happily lie on your bed also. Pollie (like most dogs) has a tendency to bark when there is a knock at the door, but she is sociable and will stop when asked and happily greet strangers and welcome them inside. 

Pollie hasn't grown up with cats and barks at them, therefore wouldn't be suitable for a home with cats. In terms of other dogs, Pollie is OK with other dogs off leash and in an open, fenced space. However she is very dominant and possessive of human company. Pollie requires support when being introduced to other dogs as she will growl at the other dog. Pollie would probably love and be best suited to being an only dog. We are advised Pollie can become barky if she spots another dog while on her lead. Pollie's owner feels she is a bit anxious and doesn't like being left home alone for long periods, hence we are looking for someone home much of the time to adopt Pollie.

Pollie is being re-homed as her owner has very young children and feels it would be best for Pollie to have someone she can spend more time with. Pollie is fine with older kids, but would not do well with young kids, having her hair, tails and ears pulled etc. Children who are older and experienced around dogs would be fine.


Pollie is desexed, vaccinated up to date, micro-chipped and registered on the NZ Companion Animal Register ("NZCAR"). 

Pollie should have a dental booked within a year of adoption. Her teeth are in good condition, but as with all dogs and small ones in particular, we need to keep their teeth healthy!

Pollie is a small breed dog but bigger than most Chihuahuas, weighing about 6-7kg. 

Adopter Requirements: 

*** PLEASE NOTE: Thank you for your interest in Pollie - Pollie is now booked to go on trial from 31 January 2019. All trials are for a period of one month, all going well, dogs are then confirmed as adopted. We are not accepting any further applications for Pollie at this stage. ***

- No full time workers please. Pollie can be anxious if left at home too long alone. We will be seeking an adopter who is retired, very part-time, able to take her to work each day, or someone working from home is fine.

- Pollie needs an active owner. She loves to walk and needs to be exercised at least once a day. 

- Pollie would be best suited as an only dog.

- Adopter cannot have young children. Pollie would be OK with dog-savvy 5year+ children.

- Pollie has never lived with cats or been cat tested. We are not sure if she could go to a home with cats.

- Due to her anxiety, we are not sure she could be flown and we are seeking a home within the Canterbury area.

- Cat-free home.

Pollie comes with: Her bed and bedding, bowls, collar and leash, favorite toys, an ACANA/Orijen Adopter pack, PetNSur Insurance Offer. 

Adopter will need to purchase a medium sized crate.

If you are interested in applying to adopt Pollie, please go to the  below link, scroll down and fill out the form. We do not consider  queries via Facebook or email without the form.

Link to Adoption Forms