Age: 5 years old (DOB: 02/06/2013)

Breed: Chihuahua x Jack Russell

De-Sexed: Yes 

Micro-chipped: Yes
Registered on NZCAR: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
DogsNZ (NZKC): No
Council Registered: Yes - Christchurch City Council (2019/2020 membership).  
Cat Friendly:  Yes

Child Friendly: Older children - over 8 years.

Human Sociable: Yes 

Dog Sociable: Yes    


Rascal comes from another North Island Rescue where he has been for the last 6 or so months. Originally Rascal and his sister were surrendered to that Rescue by an elderly couple. We are advised that Rascal's safety was threatened at his previous home and the Rescue had to step in to ensure his safety. Since that time, Rascal's sister has found a home. Rascal has now come down south to Christchurch from Auckland on the Pet Bus and to recieve some much needed veterinary attention.


Rascal is a happy, loving and friendly little dog who loves to interact with other dogs. Despite his disability, Rascal is energetic and loves to play with toys. Rascal has such a charming and quirky little personality, it's easy to fall in love! Rascal has his favorite sheep that he can often be found carrying in his mouth. Rascal has such a happy demeanor about him and is very affectionate and clever. 

Rascal is also very headstrong and would benefit from some obedience and general commands training.  Rascal is crate trained and currently sleeps in his crate. He is very active and will need a family willing to walk him at least once a day when healed.

We really just want to see Rascal in the loving supportive home that he has always dreamed of after having such a rough start to life.

Rascal suffers from a shortened ulna and angular limb deformity on his right side. The Trust will be paying the medical costs of having this issue addressed via corrective surgery with Vetspecs on 26th June 2019, at the cost of around $8,000.00. If you are able to spare any funds to assist us with Rascal’s post-operative care, please see:

Aside from his right front side, the left side is slightly bowed but does not seem to cause him pain or an issue. Rascal also has a slightly overshot jaw but this doesn't affect him. 

Blood tests confirm Rascal is an otherwise healthy, normal dog. We are advised that aside from the orthopedic issue (to be corrected) Rascal should live a happy normal long life.

Adopter Requirements: 

***Thank you for your interest, Rascal now has a new home and is unavailable. Once Rascal has recovered from his surgeries he will go on trial with his new Adopters in October 2019!

We have several other lovely dogs looking for their new homes, please see the "dogs in our care" page. ***