STATUS: Medical Hold - In Foster Care

Arrived in NZCR care: 28 August 2019 

Age: 3 years old (DOB: 27/07/2016)

Sex: Female

Breed: Chihuahua - Long Coat

De-Sexed: TBC

Micro-chipped:  Yes 

Registered with NZCAR: Yes 

Vaccinated: Yes, by the Trust on 28/09/2019.

DogsNZ (NZKC Registered: Yes 

Council Registered: Yes - Christchurch City Council (2019/2020 membership).   

Cat Friendly:  Fine around cats.

Child Friendly: Yes

Human Sociable: Yes

Dog Sociable:  With support, tends to prefer human company.

* TBC = To be completed, will be completed by Trust prior to adoption.

Taylor comes from a Breeder in the North Island. Taylor was purchased and surrendered to our Rescue by someone who has utilized our services prior and trust NZCR to complete her de-sexing and find the very best home suited to her needs.

Taylor is a pedigree (ie. "papered") dog registered with DogsNZ (formerly "NZKC"). Her papers have no endorsements. However, she will be de-sexed so unable to be shown or bred from. We do not adopt out entire dogs. An extra $30.00 fee will be charged as an adoption disbursement. This full amount will be deposited to DogsNZ in order to have her pedigree papers changed into the Adopters name. This is a compulsory policy when purchasing a papered dog - that the pedigree must be transferred.


Taylor is described by her Surrenderer as "an amazing friendly dog". She loves all people and will do anything to get as close as she can. Taylor is OK with other dogs, but prefers her space. She is not especially playful with other dog, so wouldn't be suited to a playful dog in the home or for the purposes of companionship to another dog. Her preference is to be around humans

Taylor is getting better with household noises but can be timid around loud noises and sometimes gets a fright with a sudden noise. She doesn't mind the car and loves to sit in the sun outside in a bed."

Coming from a Kennel, Taylor is not used to being walked on a lead. This is something we are working on in foster care.


On 28/09/2019 Taylor had a preliminary vet check. Taylor has two luxating patellas (one is approx. grade 1, the other is grade 4). Taylor was vaccinated up to date at this appointment, flea and wormed also. Taylor is micro-chipped and registered with NZCAR. 

Taylor will need a dental within the next 12months - Chihuahua's do require them annually, so please keep that in mind when considering this breed.

Taylor has a slightly open fontanel - a common trait found in Chihuahuas. Her coat color is unusual and we suspect she is a "Merle" this can carry with it some health issues. However, we have not become aware of anything else that is not noted here.

Taylor is unspayed at present and will be de-sexed before being available for adoption.

Adopter Requirements: 
- Fenced in, Chihuahua-proof yard, with no holes or gaps is required.

- No full time workers. Someone who is part time, works from home or is retired would be suitable as Taylor enjoys human companionship and would benefit from someone able to spend time with her taking her out and exposing / supporting her through new experiences.

- The Adopter should have strong small dog knowledge and experience.

- Taylor would be OK with maybe one other low-energy dog. She really is not interested in playing so shouldn't be considered for those primarily looking for a companion to their other dog. Taylor appears more human focused at present.

Other requirements may be added in time once we get to know Taylor better.

Adoption Fee: $530.00. As noted above - the extra $30.00 will be deposited to DogsNZ in order to have her pedigree papers changed into the Adopters name. Fee determined by taking into account age, health and funds expended to date. Please note: sorry we do not accept payment plans, as we need to be sure adopters are able to financially support dogs prior to adoption. The deposit needs to be made to the trust account prior to the dog going on trial. 100% of all adoption fees go towards the dogs in the care of the Trust.

If  you are interested in applying to adopt Taylor once she becomes available please go to the below link, scroll down and fill out the form. We do not consider  queries via  Facebook or email without the form. See also the FAQ for more information and to answer any queries you may have. Full terms and conditions can be found under the "adoptions" page or FAQ