1. NZCR is a registered New Zealand Charity 

This means that we are regulated and have the obligation to report our financial information each year to the Charities Services. Not all “charities” are registered. It is important to know when you donate to a charity, or surrender your dog to a Rescue that they are registered and therefore doing all they can to be transparent to the public about their activities or financial information. The charities register is easily accessible by all members of public and you are able to search by Rescue name. 

We do not recommend re-homing your dog to strangers on Facebook or TradeMe, or even to those purporting to be from “a Rescue” without searching their details first!  When you send your dog to us, you know you have selected a reputable and legitimate charity and are able to have peace of mind that your dog is in the safest hands possible. We are able to keep you updated on their progress (if you wish for us to do so).  

2. We specialize in Chihuahuas (and crosses) and adopted out almost 40 within our first year!

We are a breed-specific rescue with a team of Chihuahua-knowledgeable experts. Chihuahuas are unlike any other breed and have their own unique requirements and medical issues. We are able to identify those issues and their causes and refer between our network of staff who medically assist or mentally rehabilitate these dogs. Our team are very knowledgeable and passionate about the breed and doing all we can to assist dogs in need.

3. We provide comprehensive medical care. 

If your dog needs medical treatments, we are still happy to take them in, but please do let us know so we can make plans for their care. We de-sex, vaccinate, microchip, flea and worm and register with the local Council all dogs that come into our care. We also regularly go above and beyond to provide dentals and/or costly orthopedic treatments (such as physio or surgery for patella luxation) in order to ensure dogs live a pain-free life. Anything the dog needs, we will cover. We do not adopt out any dogs until we are certain that they are medically fit.  

4. We have a team of knowledgeable, loving and experienced foster carers available to address any negative personality “quirks” or behaviors.

We do not euthanize dogs for temperamental or behavioral issues. We take our commitment to the trust dogs very seriously and work with them to rehabilitate them into confident, well-adjusted family pets where possible. If they cannot be safely homed they stay at "Chihuahua Rescue HQ"as part of our permanent pack! There are some dogs which will always be wary of strangers and less-confident. However, we assess all of our dog’s needs to ensure that we can accurately match the dog with an owner that will be supportive, understanding of their needs and ensure they thrive. 

5. We are Chihuahua people.

All of our team have their own pack of Chihuahuas. Our Trustees, vet and some of our fosters have been dog exhibitors, registered with DogsNZ and rescuers of Chihuahuas (privately) for a number of years before beginning NZCR. Many of our foster carers are experienced animal behaviorists and trainers. We also have fosters who have fostered Chihuahuas internationally for decades and are well-versed in sorting out any unsavory behaviors. 

Our vet, Dr Tonkin is New Zealand's one and only accredited Chihuahua breeder, who health tests and DNA tests all dogs prior to breeding. Dr Tonkin also specializes in the breed, she is the President of the Dominion Chihuahua Club and breed health liaison officer for Chihuahuas reporting to DogsNZ (formerly the NZKC). 

We know chihuahuas as well as love them! We are aware of the health issues they face, their breed tendencies and how to help them and figure out what they need best. 

6. All breed Rescues are for all breeds, but Chihuahua Rescue is for Chihuahuas (and Chihuahua crosses) specifically!

Many all breed rescues have people who love Chihuahuas too - what's not to love! Maybe they have even owned one or two. But owning one doesn't make you an expert. Our team is immersed the breed in a multitude of different ways (as above) constantly researching and liaising with experts who have bred, shown and assisted Chihuahuas for years. Your dog will be in the very best hands when placed with our Rescue because we have structured it with only one breed in mind!

7.  We can organize transport

Worried about how to get them to us? message us and we can organize this! We appreciate surrenders contributing to transport costs wherever possible but understand this may not be feasible right now. We can organize flights or rides, simply let us know what you need.

8. We support you through the process

We understand "letting go" can often be a process and we don't want you to feel shut out. If you ever would like an update on a dog in our care, please email us. We'd be happy to update you!

9. We care about all of the dogs.

Each dog is important to us. No matter the age, pedigree or issues they suffer. We love them all and will do our best for each and every one... Yes, even the grumpy ones! We care about their mental well being as well as their physical well being.

10. We thoroughly vet our applicants to make sure our dogs go to the very best of people.

When applicants apply for one of our dogs we interview them, meet with them and their families, property check and ensure a 1 month trial is completed before we deem dogs "adopted". We also ask our Adopters to sign an Agreement which clearly states, if the dog cannot live with them any longer, it is to be returned to the Rescue. We consider ourselves as owing an obligation to the dog that it will always have somewhere to go back to. Of course, we do try to ensure homes are forever but if anything were to come up, the dog is always able to come back to us, no questions asked.