Adopting from New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue

Adoption Process Overview

Stage One - Submit an Adoption Application and Supporting Information:
Please  complete the adoption form and submit this via email to the Trust,  together with photos of your property and any landlord or Housing New  Zealand consent letters. We do not accept applications via Facebook messenger or a quick chat over the phone. We require the signed  Agreement and form to be returned via email (and if successful the  original to be sent to the Trust)

Please note: Failure to supply the required information or incomplete forms may result in a  delayed or rejected application. Please read the Agreement portion of  the application form for your obligations and ensure that you are able to agree to these.

Stage Two - Meet and Greet and Home-check:

If  you are considered a good match for a particular dog, the Managing  Trustee will be in touch to organize a "meet and greet" with your prospective dog. At the meet and greet we will also conduct a home check  and make sure fencing is complete. If outside of Canterbury, we will organize with another rescue to complete the same. 

If there are no dogs that currently match your criteria but you are  approved, we will advise you that you have been added to the database in  the event that a match is found.

Stage Three - Trial:

If successful, the dog will go on trial with the prospective Adopter. At  this time the adoption fee is to be paid to the Trust and will remain in the trust account throughout the duration of the trial period. Trials are for a maximum of one month. At the end of the one month period, all  going well, you will be advised in writing that the trial period is over  and the trust is happy to deem the dog successfully adopted. 

In the event that the Adopter, or the Trust, terminate during the trial  period, the dog is to be returned into the care of their foster carer and the adoption fee is refunded to the Applicant in full. All items supplied with the dog must be returned.

For information on adoption fees, out of Christchurch adoptions, de-sexing, council registration and much more, please see our adoption FAQ as below. We are happy to answer any additional queries you may have via email or our "contact us" box.

For information on the fees we charge, micro-chipping, pet insurance, adoptions out of Christchurch and other frequently asked questions, please see the adoption FAQ below: