About New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue:

New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue ("NZCR") is a registered Charitable Trust (CC55119) founded in 2017 after a need for a rescue dedicated specifically to the re-homing of Chihuahuas (and Chihuahua crosses) was identified. 

Although we are based in Christchurch,New Zealand. NZCR operate throughout the entirety of New Zealand. 

Our Trustees, Kerry, Alex and Casey, work with a team of wonderful foster carers to facilitate the aims of the Trust. NZCR also appreciate the help and support offered by several local companies, sponsors and supporters. Please see our "Supporters" page for those who are assisting us with our aims to rescue.

We are not afraid of a challenge and receive in all kinds of dogs. We pride ourselves on remaining non-judgmental and discreet for those concerned about their privacy. 

We are happy to confidentially assist private owners with finding new homes for their dogs and those feeling overwhelmed with the amount of Chihuahuas they have. 

We also offer assistance to Breeders who wish to re-home their ex-breeding dogs or senior dogs, into happy retirement homes. 

No situation is too hopeless. We offer assistance to anyone who requires it. We take in dogs who appear feral and work with them to rehabilitate and prepare them for their new forever home, together with receiving in strays and Pound dogs. 

We do not euthanize any dogs surrendered to us for  behavioral   issues – in fact, we expect them!     

For more information about our organization see the following links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NZChihuahuaRescue

Facebook Discussion Group: www.facebook.com/groups/NZChihuahuaRescue

Instagram: www.instagram.com/NZChihuahuaRescue

GiveALittle: www.givealittle.co.nz/org/nz-chihuahua-rescue-trust

Account Details:
Westpac Trust Account - New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue Trust 03-0823-0074502-000 

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What does the New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue Trust do?   

When we receive a surrender request, the Managing Trustee discusses the dog with the Owner for their “quirks” and they are placed with a knowledgeable foster carer while they receive any necessary medical treatments (including de-sexing) which is funded by the Trust. 

Our foster carers then set about shaping them into stable, well-adjusted, social pets. Our carers then report back as to their progress and who they recommend would be the best fit in terms of potential Adopters for that particular dog. 

We involve the foster carers in this process as they are the ones who are best placed to assess the personality of the dog in their care and its needs.

We then advertise the dog and set about the process of vetting applicants. It is our view that the dogs should get matched to the people who would best suit their individual needs – hence our application form is long! We owe a duty of care to the dogs that have been surrendered to us. We are always happy to accept them back into the care of the Trust.

If you are looking to surrender a dog, adopt a dog or become a foster carer, please see the above links. For other ways you may be able to assist us with our aims, please see below.

The aims of our Charity are as follows:

  • To rescue Chihuahuas from situations of neglect and abuse and place them in suitable foster care arrangements and/or permanent homes.

  • To collect and re-home Chihuahuas which are unclaimed and due to be euthanized from Council Pounds in the areas in which the Trust is operating.

  • To provide facilities and resources to assist in the control of the population of unwanted Chihuahuas by de-sexing those placed in the Trust’s care.

  •  To raise funds for to benefit of Chihuahuas in the care of the Trust, as required.

  • To prevent, by education or other means, irresponsible breeding and ownership of the breed and educate the public as to how the breed should be best cared for, so that there are less Chihuahuas surrendered to be re-homed. 

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