How to Apply to be a Foster Carer:

To be considered to become a foster carer, please download and fill out the appropriate application form below and forward to our email with any supporting information. Our foster application form and foster manual should be reviewed prior to you submitting your application. Please read both carefully for an overview of your obligations as a foster carer and ensure you are able to commit as it is more than just housing a dog until adoption.

We supply the dog food!

All of our foster dogs are fed Orijen or Acana food, generously provided to us from  the makers of Orijen and Acana. We believe that an important part of maintaining our dogs' health is quality nutrition. Orijen is leading the world in terms of nutrition and we are very grateful to have their support as a sponsor of our rescue!

Let us know anything else you require to foster

We are also able to provide our foster carers with crates, beds and bedding, leashes, harnesses and anything else required. Please note down any needs on your foster application form. These items (aside from bedding) do not go with the dogs - they are returned to NZCR once the dog has been adopted out.

Foster Carers need to be willing and able to provide the following:

  • A healthy and safe environment for the foster dog.
  • Transportation to and from vet appointments.
  • Socialization, training and handling.
  • Enough free time required to successfully foster a dog.
  • Be able to make the commitment to being a foster parent.
  • Meet with potential Adopters in order to introduce the dog.

Please carefully consider whether you are seriously able to commit to becoming a foster carer, prior to submitting your application.

Although we are based in Christchurch, we are looking for foster carers from all over New Zealand to add to our database of foster carers.

We rely heavily on stable carers to enable us to take in those dogs who need to be rescued or re-homed. If approved, you will be added to our database of foster carers, should a dog become available in your area.