How to Apply to be a Foster Carer:

Thank you for your interest in fostering for us! Foster carers save lives and are the absolute backbone of our organization. Without reliable foster carers we cannot take in any dogs, as we do not have a physical centre at present. We are very grateful to each and every one of our  foster carers for allowing these dogs into their hearts and homes. Our foster carers are a very valued part of the NZCR family!

We  rely heavily on reliable and passionate foster carers to enable us to take in those dogs who need to be rescued or re-homed. If approved, you  will be added to our database of foster carers and closed Facebook  Group. We advertise dogs requiring care on the group or general page from time to time. 

How do I become a foster carer?

Interested? Great! please download and fill out the application form below and forward to our email with any  supporting information and photos of your property. We will then make contact with you to discuss the next steps. Our foster application form and the foster manual should be reviewed prior to submitting your application. Please read both documents carefully for an overview of your obligations as a foster carer and  ensure you are able to commit to becoming a carer. Becoming a foster parent requires passion and commitment. Although it can be hard work at times, you will receive the full support of the NZCR team and it is a very rewarding experience. Becoming a foster carer means you have helped a dog that may not otherwise have been given a chance at a whole new life! You will also be involved in the process of finding them a new forever home.

What do you provide foster carers with?

We are able to provide our foster carers with dog food, dog treats, medications required, crates, dog pens, beds and bedding, leashes, bowls, harnesses and anything else required. Please note  down anything you need in order to foster, on your foster application  form. 

Please note: these items (aside from beds and bedding) do not go with the dogs once they are adopted. These items are to be returned to NZCR for use on the next dog(s) that enter care. Items such as: Beds,  bedding, vet books and council tags, alongside any toys or other items gifted to the dog by fosters or the Trustees are the only items to be passed on to Adopters.

What about if I want to adopt a dog? 

We do not offer foster to adopt arrangements. If you are looking to add a dog to your family permanently please submit an adoption application. We offer one month trials on all adoptions to ensure that the dogs are a perfect fit for the family.

Foster forms are for those looking to foster from the outset and that have the intention to adopt out their foster dog. However, if you do fall in love with your foster baby and they are not already going through the adoption process with a family, we do adopt to foster carers. 

In this instance the adoption fee is still required by the Trust, to be used for the next dog coming in to care. Full details in the foster application below.

Foster Carers need to be willing and able to provide the following:


  • A healthy and safe environment for the foster dog.

  • Transportation to and from vet, physio and any other required appointments for your foster dog.

  • Socialization, training and handling.

  • Enough free time required to successfully foster a dog. Sorry no full time workers please! Part time workers, those who are retired, or work from home are welcome to apply.

  • Be able to make the commitment to being a foster parent.

  • Meet with potential Adopters in order to introduce the dog.

  • Ensure you have the appropriate Council licensing, your own pet dogs must be de-sexed and vaccinated up to date. As we often recieve in dogs who require de-sexing and vaccinating.

Please carefully consider whether you are seriously able to commit to becoming a foster carer, prior to submitting your application. Fostering a dog is more than simply providing a roof over it's head. It involves a lot of time, patience and training. It is a considerable commitment to make!