Reviews of Former Owners, Fosters & Adopters

Re-homing Clients - Pollie's Former Owners


We received an email asking us to assist with the re-homing of a Chi x Pap x Pomeranian Pollie, here in North Canterbury. We promptly met with the Owners and took Pollie into care where she was rapidly adopted out into her new loving home. The former owners and Adopters have also chosen to remain in touch.

Pollie's former owners state the following:

"We unfortunately  had to make the heartbreaking decision to give over our dog Pollie to the Trust. We had recently had two small human additions to our family, making it a much busier environment  and Pollie was not getting all the love and attention she needed and  deserved. Pollie also wasn’t overly fond of our other, older dog. We  could tell that she was beginning to find the environment stressful.   

 A comment I saw  from the Trust recently sums it up perfectly, “Unfortunately, sometimes,  no matter how much you love and adore a dog, you have to be honest with  yourself and whether you are truly  the best home for them.”  
 We wanted to  make sure Pollie’s next home was the perfect environment for her, and  worried about how we would ensure this, especially if we attempted  re-homing her ourselves. After some research we  came across the Trust and could see they had excellent processes  in place to ensure this happened. 

We got in touch with them, and  found Casey and Alex to be very understanding and caring. They were also  excellent at keeping us updated along the  way. Pollie now has the perfect forever home where she is the centre of  attention and will be much happier! 

We are so glad that this Trust exists and can’t thank Casey and Alex enough for helping our family in a tricky situation."

Foster Carer for the Trust and of Mr Darcy, turned Adopter, Lisa


Mr Darcy was left at his Groomers by his mother's partner after she passed away. Mr Darcy had neurological issues that caused him to walk sideways and frequently stumble. NZCR make sure that foster carers are matched to the right dogs and have the skill set required for them, whether they need behavioral or medical assistance. In the case of Mr Darcy, we selected a lovely Foster Mum who had experience with dogs who have "quirks" or illnesses.

Lisa's experience with us is as follows: 

"I haven't been a foster mum for very long. After losing my elderly fox  terriers over the last two years, I decided I just could not replace  either of them. 

A friend of mine drew my attention to the rescue and I  decided to apply to foster. I got my first call not too long after to  take in a wee chap who needed care.  I am now totally smitten with him.   

What a fantastic experience it is to take a rescue dog into your home  and offer them love and stability, and in return you get to watch them  blossom. 

NZCR is very supportive and in contact with me regularly. I can  see myself continuing with this, it's opened a whole new experience for  me. Thank you to the Team at NZ Chihuahua Rescue for introducing me to  Mr Darcy.”

Adopted - our "Pound Pup" formerly "Frankie", now "Frank"


On June 2017 we adopted a 9-week old pup, Penny - who is the  light of our lives and full of character. We noticed that she loved her play dates with other dogs so we were weighing up whether we should welcome a second dog for Penny to have a brother. We had considered adopting a dog from a rescue or the SPCA but hadn’t met a dog that was the right fit for us. 

I met Frank  for the first time at the NZCR open day at Pet Central. He was such a chill wee dude who was relaxed despite all the strange faces. I told my husband about the wee guy I’d met, and how I thought he might be a great playmate for Penny. We submitted an application and decided to see how it went. Casey kindly agreed to bring Frank (and a couple of their own dogs) for a play date and inspect our property for suitability. Frank was instantly drawn to my husband Dan. When Dan left the house for work 30min later, Frank sat staring at the door Dan left through! Eventually Frank and Penny tentatively started playing together. We went through the rest of the adoption process and brought Frank home about a week later. He settled in right away! 

From day one Penny was ecstatic to have a  playmate around the house. In the mornings, once Penny is let out of her crate she heads to Frank and wags her tail sniffing through the bars until we let Frank out.  Once he’s out, it’s all on. Barking, tumbling, boxing, chasing. You’d think they were both still pups! Its adorable to watch. They’re like little peas in a pod, and not just because they have similar coloring. But when Frank’s not playing, he’s the same chill wee dude he was at the open day. Always up for cuddles  (he’s so cuddly!) or asleep beside his sister and  is tolerant when she nags him to play.

Casey and Alex made the adoption process so easy, communicating with us throughout the process so we were aware of what was required. Almost 6 months on, and Frank is still the absolute perfect fit for our family and in spite of raucous racing around our dining table at any waking hour, we couldn’t imagine our lives without him. 

Adopted - "Roxy"


Roxy was adopted by her family back in September 2017 at the age of 8 months. Roxy was surrendered to a local Vet with 11 of her siblings and then found herself with Chihuahua rescue for re-homing. After receiving foster care for a couple of months, Roxy now lives the life of a princess with her wonderful Adopter, Elena in Christchurch. Elena shares her experience with us as follows…  

“We have recently had the pleasure of adopting our gorgeous Roxy through the NZ Chihuahua rescue group . The rescue group was amazing. They first established what sort of home environment we had and worked with us to find a perfect match. Then they ensured we were responsible and able to provide the right home to make sure Roxy would thrive and it was the perfect fit. It couldn’t have worked out better as she is absolutely the perfect girl for us. We are all madly in love with her! We were also given lots of support from the rescue group.

The group is professional and compassionate and has the best interest for Chihuahuas at heart . I can’t say how grateful I am this group exists and so incredibly thankful for all the lives they have helped- thank you!” 

Rehoming Clients - Teddee Chihuahuas Kennel


Prior to Christmas 2017, my husband suffered a horrendous accident and  suffered several long term injuries requiring surgery. This, coupled with the fact that my 105 year old Mother only had weeks to live, meant that we had to reconsider our future. As long-time owners of  breeding and show kennels for Chihuahuas (long coat and smooth coat) we were forced to make decisions we had hoped we would not have to make.  

With heartbreak and tears I contacted Casey from the Chihuahua Rescue Trust to see if she could help. This was the most sensible thing I could have done as within a week we had dogs winging their way to Christchurch to wonderful pet homes and others placed through the website into Homes closer to Auckland where we could meet the new pet owners.  

Our sincere thanks go to Casey, The Trust and their helpers for making this sad process of rehoming our much loved and treasured Chihuahuas that much more manageable.  

To anyone finding themselves in a position where they need to rehome their Chihuahua please don’t hesitate to contact Casey and the Trust for help. We flew our dogs to Christchurch knowing they were going to be safe

Rehomed - "Bobbie"


Bobbie is a clever, loving, energetic young man from Teddee Kennels in Auckland.

In late 2017, the Trust worked with Bobbie's new owner in relation to finding her a perfect match for her family. Bobbie's owner already had one older dog, plus regularly babysat a younger, playful, energetic Pomeranian. We needed to ensure that any addition to the family would be a perfect fit for all of them.

The Trust assisted Bobbie's current owner in making contact with the Kennels and picking the perfect dog for her and her existing furry family members!

Bobbie has been in his home for a number of months now and has adjusted to living down South with his new family. Bobbie's new owner was thrilled to find him and has fallen in love with his quirky nature. Bobbie has completely fit in to their existing family unit - its just as if he's always been there! 

Adopted - "Bonnie"


Bonnie  is also one of the Chihuahuas surrendered to a local vet for re-homing  initially. 

Unfortunately, she was placed with an inexperienced Adopter by the Vet and returned to the Vet  Clinic who later surrendered Bonnie. 

Bonnie seems to have lived a  sheltered life, so being welcomed into the big wide-world was overwhelming for her. Bonnie entered  foster care in order to learn how to be a dog again. 

After several  months with her carer, Bonnie was adopted by Bronwyn and John.

Bronwyn's message - "Bonnie has become an absolutely integral part of the  family.  Bonnie has her quirks which are just her and we really love her. She's  best  friends with Libby the Beagle but her soulmate is my partner John  who  cuddles her all night long and she cries greetings to him and talks  to him." 

Adopted - "James"


After James' former owner moved overseas, he was surrendered to the Trust for re-homing. 

James had a few issues to work on while in foster care (such as his dislike for males). However, James was then adopted to his wonderful new forever home in Nelson. Carolyn shares her experience as follows...

"My partner and I decided that our wee chi-cross, Molly, would benefit from having a playmate. We also decided we would rather give a home to an older dog. The next day James popped up looking for a forever home.

James has fit in very well with us. He is (understandably) a bit nervous around strangers, but learning. James has been camping and straight away knew his safe place was the camper. James is a very smart boy. James took longer to bond with Kevin, but has now turned into a real daddy's boy. 

We are all so happy to have James as part of our family and so pleased that the trust chose us for him. Everything was handled very professionally with the main concern being that James was placed in the best home for him. I am pleased to say he was. We all love each other to bits. James continues to trust us more each day, loves car rides in his car-seat and curls up in his own bed at night tucked into his blankets."

Adopted - "Max"


Here is a message from Max's foster carer, turned adopter!

"I consider myself to be the luckiest girl in the world to have had the  opportunity to work with and know NZ Chihuahua Rescue,

I met them on the  day Max was surrendered and although I had never really pictured myself  owning a little dog it was a bit of  love at first sight. 

Max is the most perfect fit for me ever and I  constantly hear from people what a fantastic dog he is and what a great  match we are. 

He now spends his days with his cat brother snuggled up  with a thousand toys and treated like a king, Max is also on track to start obedience and agility training this year too. 

I  cannot thank the NZCR team for everything they have done for me and their never ending amount of support and knowledge.  You can absolutely tell this is a Rescue who has nothing but the dogs best  interests at heart." 

Adopted - "Cinnamon"


Message from Adopter - "We got Cinnamon on 7 April 2018, after we lost our 8year old girl Dolce in February very suddenly and our 8 year old boy “Napoleon” was lost without his best friend. 

We wanted to help a Chihuahua in need and give Napoleon a mate. Although Cinnamon has not been here long, she has warmed up to us so much in just a week.  

Napoleon and Cinnamon play all day, cuddle and sleep together. We love her already and I love seeing her being just a fur-child. Cinnamon wags her tail and loves cuddles. I’m so, so, pleased. Napoleon and Cinnamon are both currently snuggled up on my husband, loving life."

Adopted - "Cleo"


Cleo was re-homed at 8 months old in September 2017. Cleo came to the Rescue from the same circumstances as Roxy and Bentley. After a brief stay in Christchurch, Cleo was homed to her lovely Adopter, Jenny, in Nelson. Prior to moving in with Jenny, Cleo was a shy, timid dog, who had had little socialization or interaction with the outside world.

Today, Cleo spends her days in sunny Nelson with her new owner Jenny and has become a cuddly little companion.

Jenny and Cleo are also now regulars at the Tasman/Nelson Chihuahua group fun days!

Rehomed - Polar Bear


NZCR were asked to assist in the rehoming of Polar Bear after his former owner passed away and he was fostered by his Breeder. Polar Bear was understandably quite down after his loss and needed a new best friend.

Message from Polar Bear’s Breeder – “Polar Bear is very happy an relaxed with his new Family in Timaru. He is Ray’s dog, his best friend died before Christmas and so did Polar Bears Dad. They were made for each other. When they left, Polar Bears eyes were firmly fixed on the road, as if he thought “woohoo- I'm going somewhere just like when my Dad took me out!” The Adopter and I keep in touch and have rung each other. Everyone is very happy. Ray takes him on walks and gets many compliments. Thank you so much for your help in finding him a beautiful life.”